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Macular Pucker

From R.A. in Pompano Beach, Florida I had an unsuccessful macular pucker surgery in 2013. A Google search for the term "macular pucker" produced no significant emails for 3+ years - until an article showed up featuring Brad Whisnant, St. Helens, OR-based...

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Old Injury Recovery

From Dennis St. Helens To any person seeking true pain relief: There IS hope. Eight short months ago I was convinced that I was doomed to living in hell. I have suffered with extreme pain in my body from my neck to my toes since I was a late teenager. As a kid I...

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Chronic Back, Neck and Knee Pain

From Suzy, St. Helens I have chronic back, neck and knee pain. At different points in time, my knee and back pain go to excruciating levels. I had got to a point so much pain; all I could do is stand (because I couldn’t sit) in the middle of the room and cry. There...

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Depression & Detox

From J. Smith, Scappoose Acupuncture has brought balance to my life from a deep depression and an agonizing detox. Literally acupuncture saved my life. It is the most effective and natural healing I have ever experienced. Almost every family member and friend I know...

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Fighting For My Life

From K. P., St. Helens My words can not truly express just how amazing PinPoint Acupuncture is. I had never been til about a year and a half ago. I was at pulling at strings willing to try ANYTHING to get some relief. I had been to all sorts of doctors, and with my...

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Intractable Migraine

From R.R., Scappoose, OR What can I say about Brad, Minh, and their staff? We'll, I let them poke needles into me to feel better and I hate needles. I've been going to Pinpoint a little over a year now and I can't imagine going anyplace else. I endure intractable...

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Cosmetic enhancement: fine lines and crows feet

Kelly, had fine lines around her mouth, eyes and lower lips. Her big concern was her “crows feet” on both her eyes. We used our unique 3 step approach, of patented micro current technology, acupuncture, and facial masks. The hyaluronic acid used with microcurrent to...

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Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma

From Diane D., St. Helens “It’s a miracle!” Because my family has a long history of eye problems such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, I became very interested when I heard that acupuncture was being used for treatment of several eye-disorders. Better yet, Brad...

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Vision Deterioration

From Joyce J, Scappoose The gift of sight is priceless! When Dr. Whisnant told me that on the week of April 3, 2017, he was having two guest doctors of Acupuncture from Norway, Dr. Erik Vinje Olbjørn and Dr. Ole Jørgen Frydenlund , come to restore your vision I was...

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Neck & Back Pain

Nick is a truck driver with neck and back pain that was aggravated by job and his stressful life. He came into acupuncture looking for stress and pain relief and wasn't able to take medications due to the nature of his job. A healthy young man, I thought he...

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