Chronic Back, Neck and Knee Pain | Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic

From Suzy, St. Helens

I have chronic back, neck and knee pain. At different points in time, my knee and back pain go to excruciating levels. I had got to a point so much pain; all I could do is stand (because I couldn’t sit) in the middle of the room and cry. There was NO relief, NO position changes, sitting or laying nothing would help. I did try the traditional pain medicine and muscle relaxers with little effect on the unbearable pain. I had to reach this pain level to throw my arms up and try something new, which was Acupuncture. I was always scared; you know the story freaked out by needles. So when I finally reached that point with my pain, I gave in to give it a shot. (No pun intended) I first heard about Brad Whisnant from a friend, she says “did you know we have a healer in town?” She proceeded to tell me about Brad, how he has helped her with his mastery of herbal medicines and acupuncture. Not every acupuncturist is the same; I personally believe Brad is a very special person. The difference for me is two things, One, I can tell Brad really cares, you sure don’t see that this much these days, and two he also is very talented with his skills; within my first visit, I noticed while laying on the table with the needles in I was actually pain free!! So I lay in the room with the needles in me not fretting about the needles but how I am going to show my appreciation, for the relief.

I would recommend him to anyone, and have, to try Acupuncture with Brad!! I also wanted to mention that my allergies received relief too; and I finally slept the night through for 3 consecutive days after each treatment. I plan to continue to see Brad and I feel so fortunate to be blessed with his wisdom in Acupuncture and Herbal remedies.

Sincere thanks to Brad, Paul and everyone at the Pinpoint Clinic for all they do!