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What to Expect

Just a few things to keep in mind for your visit.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early
Of course we have some paperwork for you to complete so arriving before your appointment time will allow you to complete the forms so you have 100% of your time with your practitioner.
Many insurance companies are now paying for acupuncture treatments. Because each insurance company has different restrictions, it is best to consult with your insurance provider to determine if your treatments will be covered. We accept most insurances, as well as motor vehicle accidents and workers comp cases.
Dress Comfortably
Please wear loose clothing where you can roll up your sleeves to your elbows and pants up to your knees and make sure you have eaten a light meal or snack prior to arriving for your treatments.
Quality Time with Your Practitioner
At Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic, you will be our focus. We spend as much time as needed in your consultations and your follow up treatments to listen, assess, and treat you. Your practitioner will spend a lot of time talking with you, reviewing your medical history, and examine you to determine if we can help you. You should never feel rushed or dismissed. Just like Western doctors the exam may include range-of-motion testing, light touch (palpate) and taking Chinese medical pulse.
Treatment Plans
Treatments are sometimes daily, a few times per week, every 2 weeks or customized and may change over time depending on progress. Your individual treatment may include acupuncture, herbs or any combination of our other non-needle therapies and is tailored to you, your health and your issues.
Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Usually not much. It’s unfortunate that tiny acupuncture pins keep many people from trying it. They are sterile, single-use, solid and about the thickness of a human hair so the insertion, if felt at all, is minimal. In contrast, a syringe is hollow so medicine can pass through and this creates pressure and pain. There is nothing, such as medication, in or on an acupuncture pin.

We May Refer You to Other Specialists
If you need blood work or other tests, we will provide you with recommendations for specialty clinics.

Also, there are instances where we don’t feel like we can make a difference in your condition or you need to see a specialist. It is always our goal to give you information, referrals or recommendations for other treatments or practitioners that may be able to help.

Continue Your Care with Other Medical Professionals
All of our modalities are safe to combine with Western Medicine treatments and often times will increase their efficacy. So don’t stop seeing your regular doctors!

Get better, faster.

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