Cosmetic enhancement: fine lines and crows feet | Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic

Kelly, had fine lines around her mouth, eyes and lower lips. Her big concern was her “crows feet” on both her eyes. We used our unique 3 step approach, of patented micro current technology, acupuncture, and facial masks. The hyaluronic acid used with microcurrent to help it drive deeper into her skin was important to give her face the non-saggy look. Kelly came in for 7 weeks, 2 times a week for a combination of our therapies. Kelly also reported too much wine consumption and poor sleep. We incorporated not only her cosmetic needs but also her overall health needs into her treatment.

After 1 month Kelly reported that most of her co worker and friends didn’t know what was different, but something was different in how Kelly looked. She had not told anybody wanting to see if “others” would notice her results. At the end of two months everybody was telling Kelly she looked more rested, younger looking and just had a nice “glow” to her. She finally told her co-worker that she was doing acupuncture. Most people remarked that it was the best Kelly had “looked in a long time”.

Her biggest improvement was the fine lines, crows’ feet and plumpness of her skin. Her skin felt tighter, fuller and less saggy. Kelly has been coming in once a month to keep up her appearance and keep up with her overall health.