Fighting For My Life | Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic

From K. P., St. Helens

My words can not truly express just how amazing PinPoint Acupuncture is. I had never been til about a year and a half ago. I was at pulling at strings willing to try ANYTHING to get some relief. I had been to all sorts of doctors, and with my condition I continued to get worse. Dr. Whisnant, had seen me at my absolute worse, at one point I was fighting for my life with malnutrition, constant dehydration, and blood loss. Each and EVERY time I have come in, he and his team of doctors have always listened, asked the right questions, asked what my thoughts were, consistently explained his process and how he thinks it would help, always took the time to answer my questions….most importantly, I have never been rushed. They know that their patient knows their body the best and as a team comes up with the best treatment plan. They not only give phenomenal customer care, they treat you as a person. They care, they want to see you doing well and happy. It is VERY clear that Dr. Brad Whisnant has compassion for what he does and his desires to help people. My mother always told me that my doctors work for me, and if I am not receiving the care I deserve, I walk. I have very high standards in which I carry for my doctors and he has far exceeded them. If you have a migraine, IBD, plantar fasciitis, I mean the list goes on and you been on the fence of trying Acupuncture, he is your guy… You will NOT regret it! He has made me a believer and I was quite skeptical… I can not say thank you enough! A huge blessing in my life