Macular Pucker | Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic

From R.A. in Pompano Beach, Florida

I had an unsuccessful macular pucker surgery in 2013. A Google search for the term “macular pucker” produced no significant emails for 3+ years – until an article showed up featuring Brad Whisnant, St. Helens, OR-based acupuncturist, who hosted a one month eye clinic, treatments having included macular pucker. Oregon is a very long trip from south Florida, but I decided to invest in a two-week treatment with Brad. This included 2-3 treatments per day for ten weekdays, including Chinese herbs, special goggles, foot baths, and more. It was aggressive and intense; however, having macular pucker is definitely not fun either.

Before leaving Oregon, I found that my eye was a lot clear (not “wandering” at all), was actually trying to focus better, and I was able to stay up 2-3 hours later at night without my eye tearing, burning, and otherwise causing me to “get tired” at 8:30-9:00 every night. This difference alone was worth the trip(!), giving me an extra 2-3 hours per night.

I returned from Oregon and visited with my ophthalmologist who was eagerly looking forward to taking a fresh picture of my eye. What we found was:

  • I gained an extra 2 lines on the reading chart in his office (this is big); and,
  • The thickness of my macula was reduced by 23% (“miraculous”) – which no doubt is the reason I have much less irritation with my eye.

My ophthalmologist was so excited that he suggested that I advise Brad to publish a study with my, and others’, results.

Brad Whisnant is an awesome acupuncturist and I would greatly recommend him to anyone with any kind of eye issues, especially those which have appeared to be “untreatable.” Chances are that Brad will be able to reawaken tissues which you may have thought were no longer going to be healthy.