Neck & Back Pain | Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic

Nick is a truck driver with neck and back pain that was aggravated by job and his stressful life.

He came into acupuncture looking for stress and pain relief and wasn’t able to take medications due to the nature of his job. A healthy young man, I thought he should/would respond fairly quickly to treatments.  We treated him 2 times a week for 3 weeks and gave him an herbal supplement to help with his muscle tension, sleep and stress.

We performed acupuncture, micro current stimulation and a cold laser all designed to help his tight muscles, inflammation, constriction of tissue, and improve his range of motion while helping with stress and sleep.

Nick reported feeling much less stressed after each treatment, improved sleeping, less pain on the job, and the ability to move freely with out pain.  In week 4 of treatment we only see Nick 1 time a week with the continued use of an herbal supplement.  We will conclude treatment in the  next 2-3 weeks, Nick should recover fully.