Old Injury Recovery | Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic

From Dennis St. Helens

To any person seeking true pain relief:

There IS hope. Eight short months ago I was convinced that I was doomed to living in hell. I have suffered with extreme pain in my body from my neck to my toes since I was a late teenager. As a kid I suffered several major traumas to my body, and as an adult never gave my body a break (till now anyway!), making those old injuries a constant reminder. I have had several surgeries along the way in failed attempts to try and alleviate the 24/7 pain. Taken every opiate they have to offer trying to quell that never sleeping gnawing monster inside of me. Pain management classes, every type of NSAID you can name, hypnosis, TENS devices, wraps, lotions and potions, physical therapy by the year and decades, you name it I had tried it.

Or so I had thought anyway. Pretty much have spent the last 4 decades of my life in pain. About eight months ago my life has changed dramatically – for the best! I met Brad Whisnant, and since then my whole outlook on life has changed for the positive. He has been able to actually help me heal those old wounds to the point where I feel like I am alive again and not merely existing in hell on earth. I can do the simple things in life again without the monster raging every time I move. I have a life again, and feel like there is a reason to enjoy life now and not merely exist suffering from intolerable pain.

All from sticking little needles in places where it doesn’t even hurt! First time I had a session with Brad, he was putting these needles in my hand and arms and I am telling him “hey but it hurts in my back not my arms!” In my head I was thinking this isn’t going to work- the needles aren’t even where it hurts!! But within minutes I was experiencing pain relief unlike ANYTHING I had ever experienced. At that point I was astounded and elated. How could this really work? I have since given up on trying to define the whys and how’s of this happening to me from sticking needles in me and taking some herbs, and just accept with all the grace I can manage the healing powers this man has.

So for anyone suffering in pain and misery I beg you to try acupuncture and live again. There IS hope. Brad Whisnant is a true healer and will make you feel your best. There is no need to spend another day in hell on earth.