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Rick N, total knee replacement, had a successful surgery with slow healing time

Rick underwent a successful knee surgery and was supposed to return to work with in 3 days but after 2 weeks he was still walking with a cane. His surgeon had confirmed the surgery was a success but Rick for a multitude of reasons known and unknown was healing slower than normal.

Rick came to our clinic with post operative help with his knee pain. His goal was to regain normal range of motion while walking and be able to return to work.

Rick came in for a total of 6 treatments, 3 times a week for 2 weeks. We used acupuncture, micro current and an herbal supplement designed to reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, increase blood flow and help repairs the nerves. After 1 week of 3 times per week Rick was able to walk in to his fourth appointment with out his cane. By his 6th he was able to walk normal and return to work. Rick’s pain was reduced to around 20% and he was no longer taking pain medications (he was not able to return to work until he quit using pain meds due to his job of working with heavy machinery).

After Rick returned to work, he came in once a week for 3 more weeks and we used a cold laser and micro current to help his tissue repair and get his pain level back down to zero.

Rick was a great patient that showed us that he indeed needed surgery, but after his surgery he needed extra support that medications couldn’t not give him.


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