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Holistic Care for Better Metabolic Health

Be your best, healthiest self ever

Thanks to recent advances in medical science, you have wonderful — natural — options to help your body combat the inherent causes and effects of aging, alleviate stress, and safeguard yourself against disease. Many of these astounding breakthroughs revolve around metabolic health.

Just say “No!” to metabolic syndrome.

The five common measures of metabolic health are blood sugar, waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Metabolic syndrome can occur when these markers fall outside of their healthy zones.
When that happens, you might experience things like:
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Thyroid issues
  • Digestive problems
  • Feeling sluggish or having little energy
  • Difficulty regulating blood sugar
  • Excess belly fat
  • Brain fog
  • High cholesterol

You can do something about it — right now.

There’s so much that’s in your power to repair and manage your metabolic well-being! The first step is making your metabolic health a top priority. From there, we can help you determine and implement solutions that fit you and your lifestyle.

Our proprietary program, which includes acupuncture complemented by the Trust Your Gut Formula, is designed to bring about the changes you need and to support you on your journey to improved health. We’re a team in this endeavor, though. Getting you one the road is a collaborative effort so — while you’re in the driver’s seat — you aren’t on this road alone or unguided.

Pinpoint provides you with a safe, effective, and accessible path to metabolic wellness and resilience.

Tap into the potential of acupuncture.

Acupuncture’s been a staple therapy in many healthcare traditions and disciplines for millennia. It’s no fluke that acupuncture has stuck around for so long and continues to thrive. Countless people see real results from this treatment option. And you can, too.

Our acupuncture regimens are:

  • Customized to your personal requirements
  • Have excellent patient success rates
  • Safe, gentle, and effective — often more so than drugs and surgical procedures
  • Non-invasive
  • Ideal for people encountering metabolic challenges

Acupuncture is frequently a suitable and productive alternative or adjunct therapy for a variety of conditions, too. In this way, it could boost other treatment practices as well as prevent further metabolic strife, ward off worsening symptoms, and lessen reliance on medications. It may also help you manage condition-related anxiety and raise overall quality of life.

Our sensible Trust Your Gut Formula is a whole-body helper.

Your gut — in form and function — is central to metabolic health. It’s important to understand, though, that your gut isn’t a stand-alone entity. It’s part of a complex and integrated biological system.

By addressing your digestive tract concerns, you may improve other chronic illnesses and overall well-being. The reverse is true, too. Resolving ongoing medical conditions can lead to gut healing.

This is certainly a win-win scenario. But, it may get even better. Our approach could reduce or eliminate the need for medications or invasive procedures to address your gastrointestinal-related troubles.

A holistic approach to help mend your metabolic health.

Our methodology comes at the problem from different directions — for a complete and effective solution you can live with. As such, it has four key components.

1. The Source of Your Issues

Treat Underlying Reasons for Your Wellness Concerns

It’s common in standard medical care to treat symptoms rather than the basis for a given illness. However, by entering into this with the intention and mindset to deal with the origins of your health condition, you might be able to do more than just improve your metabolic status. You could also reverse or slow signs of aging, neutralize stress, and prevent future disease.

2. A Decisive Discovery Diagnostic 

Identify Root Causes with One Conclusive Test

Zeroing in to the underlying sources of your metabolic issues doesn’t have to require many, complex, or expensive exams and evaluation techniques. We’re able to eliminate the guesswork of determining root causes with a single test — one that’s simple and accessible but that few doctors are aware of.

3. An Essential Hormone for Health

Promoting Comprehensive Wellness with DHEA

As we age, our biology changes. Among these shifts is the body’s reduced ability to produce and utilize dehydroepiandrosterone — commonly known as DHEA (or the “Four-Letter Hormone”). Pivotal in achieving and maintaining optimal health, the drop in DHEA levels can negatively impact metabolic function and your broader health.

4. Strategic Acupuncture

Targeting Symptoms & Root Causes with Pinpoint Precision

We’ve already boasted about some of acupuncture’s metabolic benefits above — so it should be no surprise that it’s a marquee part of our metabolic care routine. Acupuncture meshes seamlessly with the other facets of this program, often amplifying or extending their positive outcomes.

Pinpoint Acupuncture wants to help you.

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