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Non-Medication Treatment for Neuropathy

Feel like your best self again.

Neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy, is a common medical condition affecting people of all ages. Fortunately, relieving, managing, and maybe even curing neuropathy is within reach.

Our approach leverages a range of proven therapeutic techniques to help you break free from neuropathy’s grasp. We’ll work with you to craft an effective and personalized care plan — that includes acupuncture, technology, nutrition, and more — to meet your needs.

Release yourself from the grip of neuropathy.

    Peripheral neuropathy is a systemic nerve problem that can lead to chronic discomfort. While it usually starts in the hands and feet, neuropathy can spread elsewhere in the body and can become more severe over time.

    It’s important to begin treating your neuropathy sooner rather than later. This is because the disorder can snowball into other health and wellness problems — like balance issues, social isolation, and so on. Neuropathy can put a real strangle hold on your overall quality of life.

    Peripheral neuropathy’s a pain — so get rid of it.

    Symptoms of neuropathy are many and diverse. Each person can experience this condition differently, and symptoms can evolve. Some hallmarks of peripheral neuropathy may be:

    • Numbness or tingling
    • Odd and/or loss of sensations
    • Muscle weakness
    • Burning or stabbing pain
    • Problems with balance
    • Swelling

     There are many potential causes of neuropathy. For example, it could stem from circulatory problems, autoimmune diseases, medications or chemotherapy, diabetes, infection, or a physical injury.

    Can peripheral nerves heal?

    Absolutely! Your body’s an amazing organism with great capacity for repair and renewal. Nerves included.

    Ample scientific and medical evidence shows that — in many instances, with appropriate treatment — nerves can and do heal. Nerve healing isn’t guaranteed, but it’s generally possible to make great strides towards recovery.

    Additionally, proper holistic care can stop what’s damaging the nerves. Identifying the root cause of your neuropathy is the best first step in meeting your body where it’s at and getting your nerves the attention they require for the healing process.

    Pinpoint provides you with a safe, effective, and well-rounded approach to neuropathy relief.

    Kiss the needling of neuropathy goodbye with acupuncture.

    A mainstay of many medical traditions and disciplines, acupuncture’s sticking power comes from its ability to yield meaningful results for real people. It’s been doing this for thousands of years.  Today, it can help you, too.

    Our acupuncture regimens are:

    • Tailored to your unique requirements
    • Incredibly successful for patients
    • Easier on and/or better for your body than many other treatment options
    • Non-invasive and non-surgical
    • Ideal for people living with neuropathy

    Better still, acupuncture jibes well with other modalities — it’s the perfect complementary therapy for a variety of conditions. It may even improve other aspects of your treatment plan as well as help to prevent more nerve damage, worsening symptoms, and dependence on medications. Acupuncture might also lessen any neuropathy-related anxiety you may have and boost your quality of life.

    Our comprehensive neuropathy treatment protocol’s got a lot of nerve.

    With a complete program like ours — made up of five synergistic components — you’ll really be able to stand up to your neuropathy and show it who’s boss (you!). This is a regimen that enables us to address your symptoms as well as underlying causes of your neuropathy.

    1. Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

    Resolving Neuropathy Symptoms & Causes with Light

    Light at or near-infrared wavelengths can increase blood flow and facilitate your body’s capability to repair nerve tissues. Peer-reviewed studies show that our ew Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) has a 97% success rate with peripheral neuropathy.

    4 . Online Education

    Supporting Your Body by Enriching Your Mind

    Getting knowledgeable about your condition is a major success factor. It can also help mitigate some of the emotional baggage that can accompany physical ailments. By “naming the beast” — and learning about it and treatment options — you’re primed to set reasonable expectations and take concrete action.

    2. Digital Electrostimulation

    Rebuilding Nerves & Relieving Symptoms with E-Stim

    Digital electro therapeutic stimulation is a cutting-edge therapy that can assist your body’s efforts to regrow healthy nerves. Many patients report immediate pain relief and restoration of normal sensation as well. This is use-at-home-daily device is so effective and well-regarded that the Cancer Centers of America endorses it for its chemotherapy patients.

    5. Strategic Acupuncture

    Treating Symptoms & Root Causes with In-Clinic Appointments

    We’ve laid out the virtues of acupuncture, which is why it’s one of the pinnacles of our care plan. This is also a great opportunity for face-to-face support. You’ll have our undivided focus on providing the assistance you seek. These weekly office visits tie everything together!

    3 . Advanced Nutrition Therapy

    Nurturing Your Nerves with Aligned Diet & Supplementation

    When trying to regain or extend health and well-being, nutrition often makes or breaks your success. Consuming the right kinds and proportions of foods, beverages, and supplements can support and amplify all your other remedial efforts. Our nutritional regimens are designed to minimize neuropathy symptoms and accelerate healing by positively affecting complex bioprocesses — like inflammation and blood flow.

    Start your recovery from surgery and other medical procedures.

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